Sunday, December 6, 2009

just a thought

many people think that fashion has something to do with high end designer items. so we've seen people wearing head-to-toe branded items. some do work, some don't work at all, and some even look completely like a walking advertisement.
to me, fashion is not always about expensive designer items. because cheap stuff and a good taste could make a good fashion. no?! if you're lucky to be able to afford designer items, then mixing it in your style will certainly be a nice touch. it's always nice to see a mix of street style and runway style that works. your ability to do so that matters not how expensive the stuff you're wearing.

as for myself, i still don't have the gut to shell out thousands of dollar on high end designer duds. i still prefer to use the money for something more useful. that's for now at least. perhaps, if i have lots of money that i don't need to make spending priority anymore, than it might be a different story *grin*

enough rambling. here are some photos of what i wore sometimes ago:





wearing: f21 dress || guess black boots || f21 silver bangle


evita nuh said...

I looovvve the dress! I'm a sucker for military thing! :)

recruitment new Zealand said...

The top and the boots look perfect together but I don’t think the skirt match the outfit. It looks great by the way.

Brisbane jobs said...

I totally agree with you to be fashionable doesn’t mean you have to wear high end designers clothes. It’s a matter of how you style yourself and be creative and look good about it.

Suzanne said...

what a lovely dress indeed! perfect with the tough boots :)

regina said...

totally adore your shoessssss:) what a grat and coll site, wanna exchange link?

michelle_ said...

just remembered that I met you at the JFW closing party :D hehehe..

and i agree that many people always think fashion is only louis vuitton and hermes (i think people got this inspiration from seeing events in prestige and tatler magazine),, to me fashion is all about being comfortable and confident in what you wear !

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myrrh goldframe said...

this statment is truly agreement for me myself. fashion is about your taste to make it stunning it self with or without spending lotta cash. =DD. hey thios dress is too cute... love it. and i think i would fit on it. tee hee. missed you, love!

t a l i s h a said...

agree with this post! the thing is, because i love investing in designer shoes while mixing it with f21 and h&m and unbranded pieces, a reader emailed me since i posted the ysl heels. because i told her my clothes are unbranded coz they're from mangga dua, she thought i bought my bags n shoes from mangga dua too.. i stopped replying her email n posted those pics instead to shut her mouth. it works though. i saw that vest too.. but they don't have the xs in that store.. but it looks so cute on you.. adore ur boots too kak. hehehehe.. sorry for the super lenghty comment

Eva Silviana said...

Yeah your shoes are really cool! Love your shoes so much. also your outfit, military is also my choice hehe :) by the way, i've linked your blog on mine :)

Maha M said...

i LOVE those boots.

and i agree with you fully.. it all makes sense in my head if i have thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much money then spending thiiiis much on clothes is fine but if i have thiiis much then obviously i can't go spend it all. Great mathematician huh? hehe

You look great :)

Meho xx

gd said...

heyya, i was just blogwalking, pliz visit and follow back...

**envy your guess boots!!!! such a cool shoes!


Denise said...

well for starters, these all are just "things". I can't spend thousands of dollars too because i don't have thousands in my pocket now,lol and even if i may have on the very-distant-near-future, well it surely is my mom's voice echoing in my head nagging me about smart spending. So that goes to say am smart cos am poor. I like that.

btw i love your military inspired top. It's kinda geeky, but it's really cool.

Lidwina Grata said...

i freaking love your boots! really i do <3

mia chan said...

Hi...just blogwalkin' and then I've found you here.
Totally agree with your thoughs here. I also love fashion, but I'm not an aristocrate who can bought branded-items everytime.

Nice to know you and please visit mine too:
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Maria said...

Gorgeous shoes. *